Your company is successful and now you wish to protect your brand, your corporate business, and strengthen your market position?


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Modern-day companies often have to face individuals, groups, or competitors, who try to take advantage of their vision, business success, originality, marketing strategy and product quality. At the time of economic recession, attempts of illicit trade and counterfeiting are significantly increased.


Our goal is to justify your trust, secure the integrity of your business, and protect the value of your products, by implementing our actions, methods, systems and experience. The Avalon Agency has its headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia. We specialise in prevention of illicit trade, brand protection and corporate security. Our team of experts will face any challenge brought by our clients. The efficiency of our field and analytic work is what we are best recognised by. Our greatest recommendation comes from the satisfied clients whom we have assisted in eliminating the factors damaging to their business in the shortest time possible. We have been privileged to earn trust from some of the most prominent multinational companies.


Let’s solve all the problems together, reliably, efficiently, precisely.